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Autobiographies, as well as the Jazz Ensemble Pictures, Scrapbooks, Videos, and Music Recordings are available for the general public, but they are protected so that only Alumni can Download them. By Registering, Jazz Ensemble Alumni will have ‘all access’ to download Music, Pictures, Scrapbooks, and more. We want to protect the Recording Copyrights and ask that you not directly share the MP3’s with others.  Please refer them to the website.

To Login or Register and create a password:  Login/Register

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Is there any cost to the website?

No. We’re just so glad to be able to share all of our “Story” with you!

How can I submit new pictures or info?

Email anything to your director. He is able to upload your new information to the website. For security we are advised not to allow direct upload capability onto this website. You can also use this Contact Form for all questions and contacts.


Are we affiliated with New Trier High School?

No. We are simply the alumni of New Trier West High School recording Jazz Ensembles over the years, recollecting, reminiscing and celebrating our friends and band members.



We have created this website to allow for easy navigation.

The Navigation Menu contains the usual website navigation tools. In addition, when you log in, the ‘Downloads’ menu will appear on the Navigation Menu. This is where you will find the place to download Music, Pictures, Scrapbooks, and other things. (You can download, copy, or save as, individual items directly from each bands main page.)

The Bands & Albums Tab allows you to select any of the 15 years of New Trier West Recording Jazz Ensembles.  You may select any band by clicking either on Album Covers or by directing selecting a Graduation Year. Once you have selected a band, you will find ‘Button’ links to all of the information about that band. The Members button, in particular, will allow you to find available red autobiographical links. Selecting a member name, that appears in red, will automatically open their autobiography.

After you navigate off the ‘Home’ Page, you will always be able to see where you are by noticing the small ‘breadcrumb’ bar below the Navigation Menu Bar. You can find your way back using that for navigation, or to go back to the Home Page you may just click the main title header, or the ‘Home’ Menu, or using the back arrow on your browser or other device.



Each Music/Album page features the front and back Album Covers. The Cover can be clicked to enlarge slightly, allowing you to view in a ‘Lightbox View.’ The Albums have been digitized into MP3 format. They can be streamed by anyone visiting the site. But to download single tunes, or an entire Album, you must be logged in as an NTWRJE registered member. When you are logged in you will see a small download icon next to the song title. You can ‘Scroll’ to different points of a song by clicking or tapping in the small scrollbar below the control bar (Full album downloads are covered in another FAQ)


Autobiographies are not downloadable.

But! There are complete downloads of the NTWRJE recordings available for logged-in members, as well as all Scrapbooks and Pictures.  Simply go to the ‘Downloads’ dropdown menu to select either ‘Download Music,’ ‘Download Scrapbooks,’ or ‘Download Pictures.’  In addition, single downloads of music are available directly from each year’s page.  Pictures may be individually copied, or saved, directly from that page.

Please respect the time and effort, that has been taken, in order to preserve and archive the pristine recordings throughout the years…and if your relatives want to listen to the tunes, please direct them to this public website, and not share the MP3 files directly.

Member Pages

After selecting the Bands & Albums Menu, and then a specific band, you will be presented with the ‘Members/Bios’ Button for that year’s Ensemble. Some Ensemble members are highlighted in red. Clicking on those links will take you to that member autobiography. The viewer works the same as the Scrapbook viewer (Click the back button in your browser). Perhaps, if you have not submitted a bio, or sketch, you might be motivated to do so. A variety of ‘bios’ are available including those alums who have made music a career as well as those who have chosen other careers.



Some years had a few pictures, some had a lot. Some years will have one or more ‘Galleries’, but where there were lots of pictures, we created an ‘Album’ of Galleries. Click on any gallery preview to open it, and you can scroll or swipe through that gallery. To return to the main album page, click on ‘<<back to album’

To download individual pictures, expand the ‘Lightbox’ by clicking on the Magnifying Glass icon, of any individual picture. If you are logged in, you will be able to right-click (or Cmd-Click on Mac), and select ‘save image as’ (or Copy)…depending on how your browser deals with that function (“Save Image As…”).

After you are logged in as a JE member, “Download Pictures” will appear as a new selection within the ‘Downloads” menu.’ You will be able to download groups of pictures at that place.

Missing Members

We are missing a number of Members of the NTWRJE. We have put in a great deal of effort to locate everyone, but some members are still unaccounted. Some may have made an effort to lay low, and possibly disappear, and we want to respect that. But if anyone knows about those Invisible Alums, just let us know that they are OK. And when you check the list and happen to find anyone who hasn’t heard about this project, please send them word of the site project and ask them to Contact Us.




On the Navigation Menu, you will see a magnifying glass, indicating ‘Search.’  Click on that and a faint search box drops in, over on the left end of the menu. Enter your term/name/whatever, press ‘Enter’ or ‘Return’…and your results will appear on the next page that opens up. You will see the name of the page in a large font, colored red, with an excerpt of the page below.  Click on the red heading, and you will be transported to that page.



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