Scott Steinman (1973) Guitar 

Ed. Note: Scott was a member of the 1973 New Trier Recording Jazz Ensemble. He performed at the NAMM Downbeat Magazine Happening, along with jazz great Stan Kenton. In addition, he appeared in concert with drummer Bobby Rosengarden. His final appearance, with the NTW Jazz Ensemble was at famed the Ravinia Park, in Highland Park, Illinois.

Scott Steinman is a Recording Engineer, and Producer, who been a part of the Chicago area recording scene since 1980, and has recorded, (Studiomedia), and produced music in many musical styles and genres.

He has an extensive list of recent recordings that include: Gustavo Cortinas / Desafio Candente, Chicago Yestet / Not There Yet, Kitt Lyle’s Real Talk Collective / Wake Before Dawn, Gregory Dudzienski / Beautiful Moments, Andy Brown / Alone Time, Garrett Asher / Possibility, Rose Colella / We’ve Got Love, Threadbare / Silver Dollar, Chris Madsen / Bonfire, Frank Lamphire / America Swings, Clark Gibson / Tri-Colored Eyes, Erik Skov / Liminality, The Sam Pilnik Project / Pure Imagination, Alan Zreczny / Aftershocks, Rob Ryndak and Tom Lockwood / Gratitude.

More of Scott’s engineering can be heard on Typical Sisters / Hungry Ghost, Roy McGrath / Remembranzas, Petra Van Nuis and Andy Brown / Lyrical Lessons, Adam Larson / Second City, Season of Carols Volume 5 / Various artists, David Edelfelt / Better, Gustavo Cortinas Snapshot / Esse, Carlos Vega / Bird’s Up, American Blues Theater / Happy Holidays Volume 2, Andy Brown Quartet / Direct Call, Greg Fishman / New Journey, Bobby Lewis/ Play On, John Wojciechowski / Focus, Rose Colella / Cocktail, and Kitt Lyles / Real Talk. Previous works include Paul Marinaro / Without A Song, Howard Alden & Andy Brown Quartet / Heavy Artillery, Geof Bradfield / Melba, Clark Sommers / Ba(sh), Geof Bradfield / African Flowers, Roy McGrath / Martha, Elaine Dame / You’re My Thrill, Bob Mamet / London House Blues, Bobby Lewis / Mellifluous Tones, Linda Tate / Geography , Jeff Hedberg and C11 / Nice Work If You Can Get It, Gustavo Cortinas / Snapshot, David Edelfelt / And Love Is Born at Christmas.

Other credits include recordings with Judy Roberts, Jim Ryan Trio, Chicago Shakespeare Theater, Tom Michael & Beckie Menzie, Chip Stephens Trio, the Eddie Gomez Trio, Dana Hall, University of Illinois at Chicago Jazz Ensemble, June Shellene, Chris Madsen, KT McCammond, Greg Fishman Jazz Studios, Petra van Nuis and Andy Brown, Paulinho Garcia, The Kelly Brand Nextet, Lisa Lauren, Steve Sandner, Jeannie Lambert, Mark O’ Connor, Chip McNeill, Russ Phillips and Friends, Paul Kogut, Two for Brazil, Mark Colby, Wayne Messmer, Peter Oprisko, the Fatum Brothers’ Jazz Orchestra, and Jim McNeely, Kelly Sill, and Joel Spencer.