Bob Levy holds the singular distinction of being the only New Trier Jazz Ensemble alum to have been a member of four jazz ensembles…and a recording engineer in a fifth.
Bob is to be acknowledged as an important force during the early days of The New Trier West Recording Jazz Ensemble.
In his final year at New Trier West, he received the Jazz Ensemble’s highest award, The Benny Goodman Trophy, presented ‘for excellence in musical performance, superb leadership, and for providing inspiration to others.’ In addition, Bob was awarded the American Music Foundation Award, presented for ‘Excellence in modern American music.’
Bob was selected for the prestigious position of Student Director, and in that position influenced the next group of Jazz Ensemble members and trombone students.
Bob’s importance carried over into the 1972 Jazz Ensemble’s European Tour. He was invited to travel with this Jazz Ensemble to work with the sound recording team, Soundtraks, in the production of the recordings made throughout the trip.

As an aside, Bob also has the singular distinction of having had a heart transplant a few years ago. He has recovered and lives every day ‘Young at Heart.’ His transplant is thirty-seven years younger than the rest of him. The doctor said he is “one of those miracle people.” Well, those of us who know him could tell his doctors that that is what Bob always has been. Bob likes to use the baseball analogy of ‘minors and majors.’ Well, lucky for us he just skipped the minors.
In short, Bob is SPOTLIGHTED because he became a part of the larger ‘Story That Needs To Be Told.’

Click Here To Visit Bob’s Jazz Ensembles: 1968  1969 1970 1971 and hear his evolving trombone presence. Listen to: 1972’s Merci! Merci!  to hear the recordings that he helped produce.
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