Bill Sweet, a member of the New Trier West High School’s first jazz ensemble, just released his second book, Spiritual Dynamite

As many of our early year pioneers remember, Bill was an enthusiastic drummer who helped start the Jazz Ensemble Program, which was directed by Roger B. Mills. At that time, he went by the name Bruce. You can read his autobiographical sketch, listen to the 1968 Jazz Ensemble, view scrapbooks, and read what he wrote about two jazz contests that he participated in. Direct links are provided at the end of this spotlight.

His new book, Spiritual Dynamite addresses: “What are Christians and religious people going to do when God’s creation is replaced with algorithms?”  He details a viewpoint about parents who have done everything right for their kids and many wonder why their children will not carry forward the family religion or religious values to their children.

He discusses how, in his view, technology and social media have rewired human brains to dismiss the importance of religion. He talks about futuristic scenarios where artificial intelligence could be a tremendous godsend for humanity or conceptually presume Divine Intelligence is the antipode of artificial intelligence. He also delves into how the subconscious has its own cancel culture and how people often talk themselves out of enjoying their memories of supernatural and intuitive moments.

Bill is also a regular guest on Coast to Coast AM radio where he discusses the topics contained in his books.

We are all proud of Bill’s (Bruce) more than five hundred pages, beautifully presented work and think that you will enjoy reading his latest book. Indeed, you will not find such dynamite information anywhere else.

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In 2007 Bill authored his first book, A Journey into Prayer.

This book weaves a remarkably interesting journey of deep spiritual conviction. The men, described in this book, were dedicated to proving the effect of spiritual, prayer healing, into our lives. A difficult path to walk given they wanted to share the love they felt for others, discover how prayer can heal. He makes an interesting, thought provoking, work that considers the relationship between prayer and science.

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