Doug Fox (1970) Trumpet
Autobiographical Sketch

Ed. Note: Doug was an original member of the New Trier Jazz Ensemble (1965-1970)

Hi all, Doug Fox here, I was a NTW band guy from 1965- 1970. Roger gave me the impetus to continue and grow in my musicality after I graduated. In the ensuing years I joined a Horn Wedding Band, Chameleon, and ended up playing 756 weddings until I had enough of that. In the late 70’s I was lucky enough to play with Bob Trendler’s Big Top Band live on Bozo’s Circus on WGN. That was a hoot. A few years later, due to the fact I knew the arranger, I went to Disney World and played with the Disney Tomorrow Land Big Band, what a great bunch of musicians, and it was hot (as in temperature). In the decades following I joined North Shore Concert Band, with John Paynter conducting, and was with that group for 39 years until Mr. Paynter died, that was a sad day. in addition to other things, we toured Europe and that was a lifetime of memories.

In 1990 I had what, I thought, was a career ending injury, I split my lip (the Orbicularis Muscle) and that was that for playing horn. I went to Jacksonville Florida for surgery and after 6 months I was again able to play. However, I had no feeling in my top lip and had to relearn to play, which I did. Not a good time in my musical life!

Presently I am Instrumental Music Director/Arranger/ Trumpet player for Christ Church in Lake Forest, where I have been for 8 years; it is very satisfying. I also am in the Old Men’s Jazz Band (39 years for that, as of now) and it is a blast. We do “vintage” charts as well as newer music and some originals. The occasional studio gig and sub gigs are also in the mix for me.

I do remember one “event” with New Trier West Jazz Ensemble. In Mexico, our director, Roger Mills, came down with ‘Montezuma’s Revenge’ and a Mexican nurse wanted to give him an injection (of something). There was obvious rust on the needle, Roger protested, and the nurse assured him that “Penicillin kills even the rust.”

Memories galore, thanks to You Roger. Count me in for any reunion, I am still in Buffalo Grove mere miles from our great Roger.

Thanks, and greetings to all
Doug Fox