Beth Bowman Peterson

Some 43 years ago Beth graduated from New Trier West High School after having an illustrious two-year career as a member of the Internationally Acclaimed New Trier West High School Recording Jazz Ensemble. She toured Greece and Romania as a member of the 1980 band and in 1981 received the coveted Benny Goodman Trophy, which is presented for excellence in musical performance, superb leadership, and for providing inspiration to others. Many of her classmates knew that whatever goals Beth had, she would achieve them. From New Trier West, University of Michigan, Northwestern University, Ithaca College, to the University of Illinois, Beth paved a path of trailing accomplishments worthy of the tremendous Pride we all have in yet another honor! And, although New Trier, after the merger of the two schools, appears to have lost the history of the many accomplishments earned during the 16-year run of New Trier West Jazz Ensembles, this website stands as a tribute to the devotion the hundreds of Alums who have worked to resurrect that which was lost. Indeed, ‘A Story That Needs to Be Told.’

We invite you to share our pride, in Beth, as she confidently directs the University of Michigan Marching Band during their recent 2023 Homecoming.  And may we point out that ‘Only Beth’ would figure out a way to get a standing ovation before even performing a single note. And they remain standing! After watching this there are several other links regarding Beth that you may find interesting.

Please enjoy Beth’s early accomplishments on this website. Or skip down to see video.

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Beth Bowman Peterson conducting the National Anthem at the Univ of Michigan Homecoming game

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